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Embroidery Paper & Acrylic Embroidery Blanks
Kiwi Embroidery Paper

This paper can be used for embroidery, scrapbooking, paper crafting, altered arts projects and more. It is waterproof, tear proof and has outstanding paper crafting characteristics.

Kiwi Paper is easy to embroider. You can embroider your own cards! Each sheet is 8 1/2 x 11". You can get 2 cards from each sheet. Just cut the Kiwi in half, hoop some sticky, stick the paper to it and embroider. This is a great and easy way to create a truly unique personalized card.

It very easy to create custom embroidered tumblers by using the photo insert tumblers. These tumblers have long been used in the craft and photo industry. You can insert any photograph or picture into the tumbler, but they really shine when you use them with kiwi paper. The paper is much easer to insert in the acrylic tumbler then fabric is and it wont sag or wrinkle over time.

Embroidery on paper is just a great way to show off your talents and create a customized look. When you start embroidering with kiwi and our acrylic embroidery blanks, you will get excited about embroidery again. You do not really need to stabilize it at all, the sticky backing is just used to hold it in the hoop. You can also use a plain tear-away stabilizer along with 505 temporary adhesive. There are so many different colors and patterns of embroidery paper, you most difficult decision will be picking the ones you want. For business owners, this will be a huge addition to your current product line of embroidered items. Customers will be lining up to purchase your custom acrylic items.

Checkbook covers are a very easy and popular way to show off your custom embroidery. Everybody will love pulling out their personalized embroidered checkbook cover. With so many kiwi colors and patters, there is a paper for everyone. You could embroider your initials for any popular design to go along with the pictures or theme on your checks. They are fun and easy to do. Just pick your favorite sheet of kiwi paper. The checkbook covers are embroidered just like the other kiwi templates, and when you are done you just insert it in our black checkbook covers. It's that simple and easy to create your. a custom checkbook cover with embroidery
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