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Kiwi Paper - Paper for Embroidery & More!

KIWI paper was created to bring together the stationery and machine embroidery industries. It's a universal paper that allows traditional and non-traditional printing processes including: machine embroidering, sequining, printing, writing, letter pressing and engraving.

Kiwi Paper is a stitchable, printable, embroiderable, writable, foldable, glueable, markable, decoratable, sequinable, threadable, washable, water-resistant, biodegradable hard-working, miracle paper that outperforms ordinary paper and cloth.

Use Kiwi like regular paper, if you like. You can write on it, run it through your laser or inkjet printer, mark on it however you want. The unique thing about Kiwi Paper is that you can also decorate it with threading, sequins, applique, rivets, machine embroidery or any other type of decoration you'd like. Don't worry, Kiwi paper is strong stuff and will handle almost anything you can throw at it. While it cuts easily with a scissors, it is tear-resistant and puts up with abuse that would shred ordinary paper.

Quick Stitch is our new embroidery paper. It has a high gloss finish and is available in many colors and patterns. QuickStitch embroidery paper is water and tear resistant. Quick Stitch is just as easy to embroider as Kiwi paper and looks great with any of our acrylics.
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